Had a great time last night at the Nashville Visual Studio.NET users group meeting. Turnout for my presentation was pretty good. I'd say we had 25-30 people there. Tek Systems had food catered in and a pretty good size group of us went out for beers after the meeting. I really had fun, its not often that I get to hang out and drink beer with so many people who speak my language. Luckily I had the foresight to take today off from work!
I have to admit at least 5 of the people there came not so much out of interest in mono but just to support me and I certainly appreciate that.  Thanks go out to my current SERVPRO team members Randall Forsha and Ben Eschenfelder, Allen Reeder, David Neal, and Josh Evitt who worked with me at Transcender, Rob Foster who worked with me at Quilogy and also organizes the NashVS meetings, and also Robert Young who worked with me at Quilogy.
That still leaves 20 to 25 people who came out to learn about mono. I got a lot of good questions and feedback and saw some people taking notes. So hopefully some will take the next step and try mono out for themselves. Only one or two people said they had been using linux already, but I got the sense that many of the people there were planning to start. The Virutal PC images with Suse were a big hit as were the monoppix cds.

I hadn't been to one of the meetings in a few years but I had so much fun I may start going every month.

I'll be giving a presentation about mono on Thursday Feb 10,  2005 at the Nashville Visual Studio .NET User's Group meeting hosted at Tek Systems.

I plan to give an introduction to mono with an emphasis on developing ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio for deployment on mono.  I've learned a lot about mono through my work with mojoPortal and hope my presentation will help other .NET developers get started using mono.

I recently got IBuySpy portal running on Fedora Core 2 with mono/apache.? I'm still fixing a few issues but its basically working. Its still using MS SQL for the database of course but after I work out the kinks in the ASP.NET I might port it to MySQL. Once I have the ASP.NET code working both under windows and linux I'll post the code as a reference to help others get started.

For those of you who might like to try developing in VS.NET and deploying under gnu/linux/mono/apache, here are a few things that you might like to know to make sure your code runs under mono/apache.

Always do a release build using Rebuild. It won't run with a debug build or incremental build.

In the project properties, under Configuration Properties, set Build/Optimize Code to false.

If you want to develop ASP.NET apps on gnu/linux, you can use monodevelop to make a class library that holds all of your code behind .cs files. I was able to compile a working edition of?IBuySpy this way but I'm not sure about debugging ASP.NET with monodevelop. I haven't tried it yet.

Performance seems a little weak right now with the ASP.NET under mono in my opnion. Hopefully it will improve.

I'll post more as I progress...