Most of the mojoPortal community members know me as the founder and primary developer of mojoPortal and know that I've stopped actively developing mojoPortal. As is often the case with developers I'm attracted to new shiny technology and want to work on other things.  But, mojoPortal still delivers a lot of business value and I know quite a few folks who have been using mojoPortal for years who are quite happy with it and want to keep using it. 

It turns out that one of our top community members, Joe Davis of i7MEDIA, would really like to keep the project going and we have come to a business agreement that will let his organization take over both as the maintainer of the open source project and as the official vendor for the mojoPortal add on products. In other words mojoPortal is back under active development with a new team behind it that will continue to support the project and the products. 

mojoPortal was named after my dog mojo, the best dog I've ever had.

I could not be more thrilled by this! It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have created something that so many people have found useful and that it will continue to be used and supported by a top community member and his organization. 

Joe Davis and i7MEDIA have always been the most qualified consultants for mojoPortal other than myself, and I've always had great confidence in referring customers and projects to them over the years.  Joe Davis has been a good friend and has been my go to guy when I needed to refer a customer or project that I did not have the capacity for. Whether you need design help, hosting, or custom feature development, i7MEDIA is the team you want with years of experience. mojoPortal was my baby for over a decade, and I am very glad to know my baby is in good hands! Long live mojoPortal!

I didn't get to make it to the Mono Summit again this year, really wish I could have. Last year it was due to the sale of my house and moving, this year I just couldn't afford the trip to Spain. Maybe next year it will be in the US again, if it is I'm determined to attend and finally get to meet some of the good folks in the Mono community in person.

I'm wondering if any of the Mono folks or Novell folks will be at the MySQL conference in April. MySQL has been kind enough to offer a booth to the  mojoPortal project so I will be there demoing mojoPortal both on Windows and on Linux with Mono using MySQL. (Huge Thanks to Todd Stone for donating to help fund the trip!)

I'm really hoping the CSS Control adapters are working by then (hint hint to Marek :-])

I would also love to be sporting one of those cool "How Cross Platform is your .NET" t-shirts or even giving some away if they are available. (hint hint to anyone who can help)

Anyone else going to be there? I hope so. Let me know if you are. I can get up to 3 more people into the event free if you are willing to help me man the mojoPortal booth. There will be one pass to the sessions that we can share between us.

I'm almost done setting up my office. My move went pretty well, the muscle pain is almost gone now :-)
It was a big job. The only casualties of the move were a cool lamp that I bought years ago at a yard sale, it fell off a table while unpacking and shattered and I burned out my KVM switch by connecting the wrong power supply to it when setting up my machines. Oops. Still, not bad, there are always a few casualties with a big move.

I still have to go back to TN for the closing on my house. It was originally supposed to be this past thursday but was delayed, hopefully it will happen this coming week.

Now I need to learn my way around Charlotte, its a good size city with lots of interesting things to do and see.

After 2 years of working on mojoPortal in my spare time I've decided to follow my dream and form a business around it doing custom feature development and providing support. I've formed a company, Source Tree Solutions, LLC and posted some information about what I'll be offering here. One of the tricky parts is that certain projects I will only take on as sponsored open source work but there are plenty of things specific to a business that I'm happy to build and let the customer own the source code.

Its a big scary leap not knowing if there will really be a market for what I want to do but I'm afraid if I don't try it I'll regret it. So, I'm going to sell my house in Tennessee and move into my younger brother's house in Charlotte, NC. He's got plenty of room and with my equity and living frugally I think I could make it a full year with no revenue if I had too, but I'm pretty sure I'll get at least some work. 

My Dad lives in Charlotte as well so it will be nice to be closer to him and if things really don't work out I can always take some non-mojoPortal related contract work or seek a new job. Lots of banking and other industry in that area.

I really work for a great company now, some of the nicest folks I've ever had the pleasure of working with and they are being very supportive of me. They want to keep me as long as they can and are even interested in having me do some remote contract work for them after I move. Though the work they need is not mojoPortal related its very comforting to be valued and have their support. So the timing of the move will depend mainly on the timing of selling my house but I'm shooting for the middle of October or any time thereafter.

To me its kind of an experiment in open source business models and I guess I'll find out over the coming year if I can make a living on top of the open source project I started. Maybe its just a pie in the sky dream but I'm determined to give it a try and do my best to make it work. I guess I'll be chronicling it here so stay tuned for more...