I mean I'm still friends with Fedora and all but me and Suse got  chemistry

no but really it seems like I've become a collector of operating systems and I love them each in their own special way

Right now I'm running 2 Suse machines, a Windows server, 2 XP machines and a Mac OSX machine

and thats just the real machines!

I've been having an affair with Debian on a VM and she's not the first

Lately they've all been giving me the stink eye over my new Damn Small Linux bootable jump drive

yeah yeah, I know, I'm over sharing, sorry...I've really got to get out more

a picture of a monstrously large old computer
Man I've always wanted one of these. Look at the built in game console with steering wheel and everything! I'm sure if I buy one there'll be a better model next year though.