Most of the mojoPortal community members know me as the founder and primary developer of mojoPortal and know that I've stopped actively developing mojoPortal. As is often the case with developers I'm attracted to new shiny technology and want to work on other things.  But, mojoPortal still delivers a lot of business value and I know quite a few folks who have been using mojoPortal for years who are quite happy with it and want to keep using it. 

It turns out that one of our top community members, Joe Davis of i7MEDIA, would really like to keep the project going and we have come to a business agreement that will let his organization take over both as the maintainer of the open source project and as the official vendor for the mojoPortal add on products. In other words mojoPortal is back under active development with a new team behind it that will continue to support the project and the products. 

mojoPortal was named after my dog mojo, the best dog I've ever had.

I could not be more thrilled by this! It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have created something that so many people have found useful and that it will continue to be used and supported by a top community member and his organization. 

Joe Davis and i7MEDIA have always been the most qualified consultants for mojoPortal other than myself, and I've always had great confidence in referring customers and projects to them over the years.  Joe Davis has been a good friend and has been my go to guy when I needed to refer a customer or project that I did not have the capacity for. Whether you need design help, hosting, or custom feature development, i7MEDIA is the team you want with years of experience. mojoPortal was my baby for over a decade, and I am very glad to know my baby is in good hands! Long live mojoPortal!