I often get these contact form submissions on joeaudette.com and on mojoportal.com where people are pitching to get my site to the top of google, no big deal, I delete them, but yesterday was the first time I got one by phone.

Yesterday at about 2PM I got a phone call on my cell phone from 951-813-2184 that went like this:

  1. me: hello?
  2. caller: is this the tree service?
  3. me: i think you have the wrong number
  4. caller: are you Source Tree Solutions?
  5. me: that is my company but it is a software company not a tree service
  6. caller: oh, well you're listed in the yellow pages under tree service
  7. me: that's news to me, I didn't know I had a listing in the yellow pages
  8. caller: well are you interested in getting your site to the top of google?
  9. me: oh my God, you gotta be kidding me
  10. caller: well what do you do for advertising
  11. me: Dude! you don't know the first thing about me, my business or my web site, I don't need your SEO spam phone calls, please never call this number again, click

I chuckled for about 15 minutes after that, but hope it is not the start of a trend of spammy phone calls.