I didn't get to make it to the Mono Summit again this year, really wish I could have. Last year it was due to the sale of my house and moving, this year I just couldn't afford the trip to Spain. Maybe next year it will be in the US again, if it is I'm determined to attend and finally get to meet some of the good folks in the Mono community in person.

I'm wondering if any of the Mono folks or Novell folks will be at the MySQL conference in April. MySQL has been kind enough to offer a booth to theĀ  mojoPortal project so I will be there demoing mojoPortal both on Windows and on Linux with Mono using MySQL. (Huge Thanks to Todd Stone for donating to help fund the trip!)

I'm really hoping the CSS Control adapters are working by then (hint hint to Marek :-])

I would also love to be sporting one of those cool "How Cross Platform is your .NET" t-shirts or even giving some away if they are available. (hint hint to anyone who can help)

Anyone else going to be there? I hope so. Let me know if you are. I can get up to 3 more people into the event free if you are willing to help me man the mojoPortal booth. There will be one pass to the sessions that we can share between us.