Scary Storms in Tennessee

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Yesterday afternoon and last night was pretty scary in Tennessee. We had major tornadoes passing through. Luckily none came near my house but I did have major wind and hail. It sounded like it was raining rocks.

This was a view out my front door of my car getting hit by hail

and here is a view out my back door

Things were a lot worse north of here in Sumner county where a lot of houses were just blown away by tornadoes and 7 people were killed. I'm still waiting to hear from several people I know who live in the area where it was worst hit.

They are also saying that the weather pattern is in place for more of this in the coming months. Pretty scary stuff. At my house there is really no safe place to take cover from a tornado. Most houses in TN don't have a basement because there is solid rock just a few feet below the top soil.