The Perfect Pint of Guinness is only 14.9 OZ

I finally figured out where Guinness got  their "Brilliant" Ad campaign. Its what they said to the accountant who told them how much they could boost their earnings by cutting the size of their cans from a Pint (16OZ) to 14.9 OZ. I think they did this about the time they introduced their new bottle version which is not even 12 OZ like other bottled beer but 11.2 OZ and is not as good tasting as the cans.

They forgot one thing though, the back of the can still tells you how to "Experience the Perfect Pint of Guinness"

I wonder if Allan Greenspan knows about this hidden inflation.

The problem with a "Brilliant" idea like that is you can't do it again next year and some of us fans of the Irish Stout will switch to Murphy's which is just as good, costs less, and comes in a Pint!

Of course it was a fun weekend researching this important economic indicator!