.NET Rocks VS 2005 Road Trip Visits Nashville

I've been listening to .NET Rocks on my 50 minute drive to work for most of the summer and fall and I was very fortunate tonight to catch Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell at the Nashville Visual Studio .NET Users group meeting where they were putting on a presentation as part of their .NET Rocks VS 2005 Road Trip. It was great getting to meet those guys in person, after listening so long I felt like I knew them but they are even more fun in real life.  Billy Hollis was also there which was very cool. Carl's presentation was on the cool things coming in VB.NET 2005 and Richard talked about the cool new things in the 2.0 version of the compact framework as well as some great info on the latest mobile hardware in the phone and pda space. They had a lot of cool mobile device toys to show off.  I learned a lot from both of them. During the shwag giveaway at the end of their presentation Carl played and sang several versions of Clementine in the vein of a lot of different artists, it was hysterical, there were versions like the Beach Boys, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Willie Nelson, and more. Apparently this is known as the Clementine Principle. Carl is just a great musician.

Since they always give away a lot of shwag on their shows I thought I would give them some shwag for a change so I burned some copies of the Mono Live CD and gave them to Carl and Richard. After the presentation some of us went out and had a beer with them in their RV and they recorded a .NET Rocks show with us! I got a brief interview and talked with them about mojoPortal, my cross platform web site framework project as well as The Mono Project and the Mono Live CD. It was a lot of fun, I can't wait to hear the mp3 when it comes out. Way cool!