I mean I'm still friends with Fedora and all but me and Suse got  chemistry

no but really it seems like I've become a collector of operating systems and I love them each in their own special way

Right now I'm running 2 Suse machines, a Windows server, 2 XP machines and a Mac OSX machine

and thats just the real machines!

I've been having an affair with Debian on a VM and she's not the first

Lately they've all been giving me the stink eye over my new Damn Small Linux bootable jump drive

yeah yeah, I know, I'm over sharing, sorry...I've really got to get out more

Seems like I've been blogging a lot about new tools lately but here comes another one.  I was recently informed about Aqua Data Studio by one of my co-workers and when I read about it I had to try it.  I installed it this morning and have been playing around with it and I must say I'm extremely impressed.  Anyone who has used Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser for MS SQL will find it very familiar.  What blows me away is that you can manage MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, the  list goes on and on, all in one interface with the same look and feel across dbs.  Not only that, you can install it on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and have the same tools with the same interface on any or all of these platforms.  Its free for personal/educational use and reasonably priced for commercial use at $149 per user.

I installed it both on a Windows machine and on a Suse 9.2 machine.  Its very nice having the same interface on both platforms and now I can manage MS SQL, Postgre SQL , and MySQL using the same interface on either machine.

Another interesting feature that I haven't seen elsewhere in SQL tools is the intellisense like statement completion. It gives you a drop down list of table names while you write a SELECT statement!

Had a great time last night at the Nashville Visual Studio.NET users group meeting. Turnout for my presentation was pretty good. I'd say we had 25-30 people there. Tek Systems had food catered in and a pretty good size group of us went out for beers after the meeting. I really had fun, its not often that I get to hang out and drink beer with so many people who speak my language. Luckily I had the foresight to take today off from work!
I have to admit at least 5 of the people there came not so much out of interest in mono but just to support me and I certainly appreciate that.  Thanks go out to my current SERVPRO team members Randall Forsha and Ben Eschenfelder, Allen Reeder, David Neal, and Josh Evitt who worked with me at Transcender, Rob Foster who worked with me at Quilogy and also organizes the NashVS meetings, and also Robert Young who worked with me at Quilogy.
That still leaves 20 to 25 people who came out to learn about mono. I got a lot of good questions and feedback and saw some people taking notes. So hopefully some will take the next step and try mono out for themselves. Only one or two people said they had been using linux already, but I got the sense that many of the people there were planning to start. The Virutal PC images with Suse were a big hit as were the monoppix cds.

I hadn't been to one of the meetings in a few years but I had so much fun I may start going every month.