IBuySpy on mono

I recently got IBuySpy portal running on Fedora Core 2 with mono/apache.? I'm still fixing a few issues but its basically working. Its still using MS SQL for the database of course but after I work out the kinks in the ASP.NET I might port it to MySQL. Once I have the ASP.NET code working both under windows and linux I'll post the code as a reference to help others get started.

For those of you who might like to try developing in VS.NET and deploying under gnu/linux/mono/apache, here are a few things that you might like to know to make sure your code runs under mono/apache.

Always do a release build using Rebuild. It won't run with a debug build or incremental build.

In the project properties, under Configuration Properties, set Build/Optimize Code to false.

If you want to develop ASP.NET apps on gnu/linux, you can use monodevelop to make a class library that holds all of your code behind .cs files. I was able to compile a working edition of?IBuySpy this way but I'm not sure about debugging ASP.NET with monodevelop. I haven't tried it yet.

Performance seems a little weak right now with the ASP.NET under mono in my opnion. Hopefully it will improve.

I'll post more as I progress...