Apple eye for the Windows guy

I just got my first ever Mac. Its a Blue and White G-3 300MHz and I got it used for $150 so I couldn't pass it up. I'm going to upgrade it to a G4 500 to make it a little snappier running Mac OS X. It uses the same ram and hard drives as a PC so I can also beef it up with some spare parts I have lying around.  I feel like a newby again trying to find my way around it but I think I'll be up to speed soon. The interface is very appealing though I think XP is very user friendly too and I know it better at the moment.  I'm not looking to enter the Mac vs PC debate unless maybe to make a peace treaty between the sides.  If a computer is reliable and does what you need it to do its a good computer. I'm just a geek who likes to play with cool technology and this is one more playground. I was hoping to hook it into my KVM and be able to share the console with my windows machines but I can share the video and not the keyboard and mouse using my current KVM. If only I had got the USB KVM I'd be in business.  Mac OS X ships with development tools and I'm sure sooner or later I'll play around with those to see how hard it is developing Mac apps. Now I can test my Web sites and make sure they really play nice with browsers other than IE. I've already tested my Rainbow sites and I'm happy to say they work just fine in the Safari browser.

I think I'll build a Linux system soon as well using some hardware leftovers from upgrading my main XP machine.  I'd like to play around with some Java development or PHP, MySQL, Appache stuff to see how the penguins live. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a .NET evangelist and its actually my C# experience that gives me courage to explore those waters. Maybe even play around with the Mono project .NET implementation for Linux.