Hi, I'm Joe Audette

Joe Audette

Welcome to my website! I'm a software developer, entrepreneur, and musician living in Concord, North Carolina. I've created this site as a means to share my passions for Software Development and Music. I consider myself one of the lucky few who really enjoy their work. Like music, software development is a creative process. You bring ideas from imagination into reality using a process of research, experimentation, learning from what works and what doesn't work, and you keep improving and building on what you have learned. And you participate in communities where you can continuously learn, share ideas and get inspiration from other developers.

I started out my development career working with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic back in 1996. I've been doing web development since the beginning of the web, first with Classic ASP and then ASP.NET with C# when it first came out in 2002. Over the years, I have done quite a bit of work in content management and ecommerce. I wrote the blog module for an open source website framework called Rainbow Portal back in 2003 and founded the open source mojoPortal project in 2004. I actively developed mojoPortal and commercial add on features until late 2014, but web development had evolved a lot over the years and the ASP.NET WebForms technology that mojoPortal was built on was no longer considered modern, and eventually it was time for me to move on from that project.

My Latest Open Source Work - cloudscribe

Realizing that in order to keep doing web development long term I needed a new more modern set of tools, I began working on a new set of web components in late 2014. I began prototyping first using ASP.NET MVC 5 and then migrated my work to the new cross platform utlra-modern ASP.NET Core framework in June of 2015 (during beta 4 I think). Now I have a number of related open source projects and components branded as "cloudscribe", that make me very productive in building modern websites and applications. The main projects are cloudscribe Core which is a multi-tenant web application foundation for managing sites, users and roles, and cloudscribe SimpleContent which is a super user friendly blog and content engine that can be used with Open Live Writer and can work with or without a database. I'm currently building a business around my cloudscribe open source projects doing consulting as well as developing commercial components that can integrate with ASP.NET Core applications including but not limited to cloudscribe. Please check out www.cloudscribe.com for full details on my latest work.  I've was a Microsoft MVP from 2016-2019 and am very active in the ASP.NET Core community..