What is the Essence of a Wiki?

Friday, August 19, 2005 6:58:27 PM Categories: Development mojoPortal Software
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I'm planning on making a new Content Module for mojoPortal that will be configurable to accomplish the same tasks as the current Html Module and Blog Module and more. To me things like RSS and Comments, Archive View, Categories, Content Rating, Threaded Discussion are all features I would like to make available for any content in mojoPortal so they should just be settings for the Content Module which will be the core of the CMS and you can turn them on or off to suit your purposes whether you are blogging, writing articles, whatever you just configure the module to accomplish it so there will be no need for a separate Blog module for example.

So now Wikis are all the rage it seems and I want to also make this a configuration option so I'm trying to make sure I understand it and invite any of you reading this to fill in the gaps if I don't have the whole gestalt of what a Wiki is. From what I have seen the most salient feature of what is called a Wiki is the fact that it keeps history of every change and therefore people often allow anyone to edit it which makes it stay up to date better or so the theory goes. To me thats it but since I haven't used a Wiki much I realize I may be missing something. The only other major thing I've noticed is that some Wikis have a kind of Wiki markup language. To me that seems like something only a developer could love and not user friendly at all compared to say FCKeditor. So I'm picturing adding an option to keep every change and make it easy to revert to any version for an Administrator and calling the setting Wiki mode. Does that sound legit or am I totally missing some wikiness? If I'm a total newb on this don't hold back, let me know.

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